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Golden Fresh Leads the Way towards a Sustainable Seafood

18 November2010

Golden Fresh, brand owner of Pacific West products, is leading the way towards a sustainable seafood future with the addition of three new Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified products to its frozen seafood range.

The products were launched today at a media event held at the Boulevard Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, attended by Golden Fresh CEO, Mr Saw Hai Earn and representatives from the MSC, WWF-Malaysia, and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

The event marks the beginning of a comprehensive public relations and CSR campaign dubbed `Make An Informed Choice for Sustainable Seafood,’ which is to be undertaken by the company in the coming months and this will includes a series of educational road shows in Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur as well as education tours to universities and colleges.

The three products, called Figgy Oatmeal Fish Fillets, Wiggy Cornflake Fish Fillets and Ziggy Multigrain Fish Fillets, are made from MSC certified Alaskan Pollock and bear the MSC blue eco-label, which is an assurance of this seafood sustainability. The launch of the three new products follows Golden Fresh’s first MSC certified product, Deep Sea Frosty Fish Fillets, in June 2008 – a product which was also relaunched at today’s event.

“The depletion of natural marine resources due to overfishing is a real threat to theseafood industry worldwide and here at Golden Fresh we recognise the need to helptransform the seafood industry to a more sustainable basis. As such we areextremely proud of being the first Malaysian company to attain the MSC chain ofcustody certification,” Mr Saw Hai Earn said.

“The launch of these MSC certified products provides a platform for retailers andfood service operators to collectively promote a sustainable future for the seafoodindustry and in doing so foster their own economic stability.”

“They offer the opportunity for retailers and food service operators to enhance theircorporate image and enable environmentally conscious consumers to play a role inpromoting the health of our world’s fish stocks and at the same time providing themwith a sense of self satisfaction for being part of the solution to one of the biggestenvironmental issues facing the world today,” he added.

"Golden Fresh’s commitment to offering MSC certified products is a boost forsustainable seafood in Malaysia and I commend them for being a ground breakingcompany in the region,” Patrick Caleo, MSC’s Country Manager ANZ, said.

“As a result of their efforts, many more people in Malaysia will become aware thatthere are certified sustainable options out there, which will encourage more fisheriesto seek MSC certification and help bolster the health of our world’s oceans,” he said.

Figgy Oatmeal Fish Fillets, Wiggy Cornflake Fish Fillets, Ziggy Multigrain Fish Filletsand Deep Sea Frosty Fish Fillets are available now at all major retail chains and supermarkets/hypermarkets across the country.