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Chef whipping up gourmet seafood dishes at special demos in food expo

Saturday August 29, 2015

THE batter recipe is top secret. Pacific West corporate chef Garry Edson absolutely refused to reveal it.

But a little persuasion brought out one delicious titbit about how the seafood giant prepares immaculate, ready-to-cook marine food.

“We have a database on breadcrumbs of the world and their sizes are graded in millimetres.

“For fish fillet, we usually go with fine breadcrumbs. For smaller cuts like shrimps or squid, the breadcrumb size can be up to 6mm,” Edson disclosed.

This meticulous obsession over breadcrumbs is done for the sake of an important denominator of good food — bite texture.

The breadcrumbs that Edson and his team choose for each product will define what happens when your molars crush down on each mouthful.

There is the initial crunch, followed by subsequent yielding to bring you the satisfaction that comes with a good, hearty meal.

Edson is in the Taste Fully Food and Beverage Expo at the Subterranean Penang Inter-national Convention Centre in Relau.

Pacific West is showcasing its best-selling products, from Popcorn Fish, Cod Fish Fingers, Tempura Salmon Goujon to the classic Tempura Fish Fillets.

Also featured are two of its newest products — Cheesy Fish Fillets and Dusted Baby Squids.

The squids are called babies only because the adults are massive cephalopods in excess of 1m long.

“These are deep-sea squids from South America,” Edson pointed out.

Unlike the smallish squids found in Malaysian waters, Dusted Baby Squids are chunky with a springy bite.

The Cheesy Fish Fillets are a clever blend of chopped Alaskan Pollock and cheddar cheese, sealed in Pacific West’s secret batter.

This cheesy fish has a rich and creamy flavour that blends perfectly with the mild tasting wild Alaskan Pollock.

“This fish is the world’s largest source of palatable wild fish.

“The fishing is strictly managed by America’s Marine Stewardship Council so that the source remains sustainable,” said Edson.

Wild-caught fish, he said, yielded the best eating quality, and the Alaskan Pollock gave the best balance between good eating and ecological care.

Edson will also hold cooking demonstrations at the expo on how to prepare Wild Mushroom Risotto with Cheesy Fish Fillets and Mexican Salsa Sauce with Dusted Baby Squids.

The cooking demos will be today from 1.30pm to 2.30pm and tomorrow from 1.30pm to 2.30pm, and from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Edson will show visitors how to prepare the risotto with wild mushrooms, risotto rice, chervil and chives, while the salsa sauce will be a concoction of tomatoes, garlic, onions and coriander.