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Triumphant Victory: Pacific West Dragon Boat crew from Malaysia won 4 gold medals in the 8th Nanning International Dragon Boat Tournament and emerged as overall champion in the 33rd Plenitude Penang International Dragon Boat Festival

BUTTERWORTH, July 3, 2012 -The 8th Nanning International Dragon Boat tournament which was held in Nan Hu, China ended on June 23 with exhilarating and intense competitions from 73 teams of domestic and international rowers who participated in the competitions. During The 2-day robust & vibrant dragon boat race, a local team from Malaysia, the Pacific West Dragon Boat Crew proudly swept 4 gold medals in the 12 races under 3 different classes and emerged as the triumphant winner in the said tournament. Pacific West Dragon Boat Crew also won three gold and two silver medals to emerge as overall champion in the Penang Dragon Boat Festival which was held recently from 30th – 1st July 2012 in Teluk Bahang Dam in Penang.

This year, the international team who participated in the Nanning International Dragon Boat Tournament comprises of 17 teams from Russia, America, Australia, United Kingdom, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia apart from various enthusiastic crews from Hong Kong & Macau. During the prize presentation, the top 6 winning teams of the international open tournament marched onto the stage with great excitement and exhilaration. Each of the team was not only rewarded with trophy but cash prizes as well.

Cheah Chai Hin, the leader of Pacific West crew said during the press interview: `We underwent a very intensive training 2 months before the competition to prepare ourselves for the race. All our members are amateur rowers who have to juggle our time between work and training. Averagely, we have 2 trainings within a week. We had put in extra efforts to equip ourselves well in anticipation of the big race.’

`Back in Malaysia, we have about 15 troops of dragon boat teams in emulation among each other. In our country, dragon boat tournament is usually held at least twice yearly. We are a team from Penang state and have won countless medals over the years. This is the 1st time we come to Nanning for the race and we are impressed with the grandness of the event and the scenic view of Nanning. Pacific West crews and the local Guang Xi team had established close fraternity after the match. The crew members also took a group photograph for remembrance.

On a separate note, Pacific West crew emerged as overall champion in the event held in Penang International Dragon Boat Festival where there were 31 teams, including 15 international teams from countries such as Australia, UAE, Indonesia and US who took part in the event. The success achieved this time is even sweeter than last year where they only managed to win three bronze medals during last year’s race. They proudly received the Challenge Trophy from the Honorable Governor of Penang, Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas.

When asked about the successful achievement attained in annual Dragon Boat Race in Penang, he said “You could see that they were very disciplined and focused in the race. That paved way for our victory.” He also attributed the victory to teamwork, and the determination of his rowers to end the competition on a high.

Undoubtedly, after these two events, Pacific West crews bring home a sweet memory of their triumphant victory from China and together with the latest results in Penang showed that Pacific West is still a major powerhouse in Dragon Boat Race event which is to be reckoned with in Penang and in Malaysia overall!