Terms and Conditions for “PACIFIC WEST & AEON Top Spender”:


  1. The “PACIFIC WEST & AEON Top Spender” (“Campaign”) is organised by Pacific West Foods (M) Sdn Bhd (“the Sponsor”) in collaboration with AEON CO. (M) BHD (“the Organiser”).


  1. This Campaign shall commence from 1st December 2015 until 31st December 2015 (“Campaign Period”).


  1. This Campaign is opened for all valid AEON MEMBER aged 18 years old and above (“Participant(s)”).
  2. The representatives, employees, servants and/or agents of the Organizer and the Sponsor (including their respective affiliated and associate companies) and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate this Campaign.


  1. The Participant(s) are required to show their AEON MEMBER card to the Organizer’s cashier before making any payment(s) for the purchased of the Sponsor’s products (excluding its products of brand “Subi” and “SAUZ”) at any of the Organizer’s outlet during the Campaign Period.


1st Prize
(Top 5 winners)


Total five (5) winners, each winner shall be entitled for one (1) Philip brand Digital Airfryer of model HD9238/41 with a grill pan

2nd Prize
(Winners No 6th – 10th)


Total five (5) winners, each winner shall be entitled for one (1) Philip brand Airfryer of model HD9228/01

Consolation Prizes
(Winners No 11th – 30th)


Total twenty (20) winners, each winner shall be entitled for one (1) RM 100.00 AEON Gift Voucher

(the 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and the Consolation Prizes are hereby collectively referred to as the “Prizes”)

  1. The winners are selected from the Participants who had successfully ranked themselves among the top thirty purchasers for the Sponsor’s product (excluding its products of brand “Subi” and “SAUZ”) at the Organizer’s records on the total accumulated purchases amounts during the Campaign Period.
  2. The Organizer will, as soon as practical, announce the result of this Promotion within two (2) calendar months from the completion of the Campaign Period. The announcement may be made at the Organizer’s and the Sponsor’s official facebook at :
    i); and
  3. The organizer and the sponsor reserve the right to reject any entries which are incomplete, illegible, illegal, disfigured, submitted beyond the deadline or without the valid proof of purchase or such other reason as the Organizer deems fit.
  4. The winner(s) shall contact the Organizer within fourteen (14) days (“Prizes Collection Period”) from the result announcement date to arrange for the collection of the Prizes at the time and venue decided by the Organizer.   
  5. Failure to claim the Prizes within the Prizes Collection Period shall result in the winner(s) being disqualified by the Organizer. In such event, the Organizer and the Sponsor shall have no liability to the winner(s) in any respect whatsoever and the unclaimed Prizes shall be dealt in manners deems fit by the Organizer and Sponsor at their absolute discretion.
  6. The Prizes are not transferable, returnable or exchangeable for cash or such other items in part or in full value. All prizes are given on an “as is” basis.
  7. The Organizer and/or the Sponsor shall have absolute right to substitute the Prizes with any other prizes of similar value as determined by the Organizer and/or the Sponsor at any time without prior notice.
  8. The decision of the Organizer and/or the Sponsor in all matters relating to this Promotion (including the selection of the winners) shall be final and binding. No correspondences, appeal or queries in respect of any decision of the Organizer will be entertained.


  1. By participating this Promotion, all Participant(s) agreed and acknowledged that:
    1. the Participant(s) had read, understand and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Campaign;
    2. any consent and/or authorization required shall be deemed given upon the participant(s) participated this Promotion according to the criteria stipulated therein and/or submitted any required details to The Organizer and the Sponsor for this Campaign;
    3. the Organizer and the Sponsors’ decision on all matters relating to this Campaign shall be final and binding of which no further correspondence queries and/or appeal shall be entertained;
    4. the Organizer and/or the Sponsor shall have the absolute discretion to cancel, add, modify or amend the terms and conditions of the Campaign as they deem fit without any prior notice.  Any new or amended terms and conditions will supersede the existing terms and conditions with immediate effect;
    5. the invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any terms hereunder shall not affect or impair the continuation in force of the remainder of the terms and condition of this Campaign;
    6. any images or pictorial used in promoting this Campaign are for illustration purposes only;
    7. the Organizer and/or the Sponsor (including their respective affiliated and related companies)  are authorized to publish/use the Participant(s) names and/or photographs in any of the promotional materials for the purposes of advertising and/or promoting this Campaign; and
    8. all costs and expenses including any payable tax (if applicable) incurred to participate in this Campaign and to redeem any prize thereof shall at the sole responsibility of the Participant(s).
  2. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed by the Malaysia law.


  1. The Organizer and the Sponsor (including their respective affiliated and related companies) shall not be held responsible and/or answerable to any damages, losses or whatsoever liabilities arises from any publication of the Participant’s details including but not limited to the posting of the same in the Organizer and the Sponsors’ website and/or Facebook.
  2. The Organizer together with the Sponsor hereby disclaimed all liabilities towards the quality and life span of the prizes and Prizes are accepted entirely at the risk of the winner(s) without any warranty of any kind express or implied.


In compliance with the laws of Malaysia, the Participant(s) hereby consent and authorize the AEON CO (M) BHD to collect, process, to safe keep the required details and to disclose the Participant(s) personal details to the related parties involve in organizing this “PACIFIC WEST & AEON TOP SPENDER” Campaign. Any withdrawal of the Participant(s)’ consent given shall be made in writing and received by AEON CO (M) BHD before the expiry of the Campaign Period and in such event, the Participant(s) shall be deemed to have withdrawn from this Campaign.


Selaras dengan undang-undang Malaysia, para peserta peraduan kini bersetuju dan membenarkan AEON CO (M) BHD untuk mengumpul, memproses, menyimpan maklumat-maklumat yang diperlukan dan mengemukakan maklumat peribadi peserta peraduan kepada pihak-pihak lain yang turut terlibat dalam penganjuran Kempen “PACIFIC WEST & AEON TOP SPENDER” ini. Sebarang penarikan balik persetujuan yang diberikan, peserta peraduan hendaklah menulis kepada AEON CO. (M) BHD sebelum penamatan Tempoh Kempen ini dan dalam keadaan yang sedemikian, peserta peraduan adalah dianggap telah menarik diri daripada menyertai Kempen ini.